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Krakow University Hospital

We crafted a comprehensive new website for Poland’s largest hospital. Copy, videos, photos and our own content management system that putts all the necessary information in one place - all of these components were packaged into one solution. To the user the website is intuitive, while the hospital administrators work with a system that is easy to operate. The patients like the legible and functional layout. They often use our tools for quick access to information, including a search engine and a well-thought out menu to jump straight to the right clinic. Being the country’s largest hospital it has eight branches, which contributed to a staggering 1200 pages of content on the rollout day. What we did was to put this information in order, map clear paths and add guiding copy and in-house produced videos. Users who learn about the hospital’s specialised doctors through our service are more willing to become their patients. Project commissioned by event-factory.

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